Making A Cutomized Sign Or Graphic

What type of “graphics” does Bold Signs do?

The term “graphics” is very broadly defined and involves such a multitude of variables including;

  • graphic design and illustration by means of computers or by hand,
  • the use of substrates in hundreds of different textures and sizes,
  • employing a wide variety of techniques to produce including digital, screen printing and hand painting
  • as well as the inks, paints and associated products used in the particular graphic.

The best answer which we can offer is, Bold Signs does “most types” of sign and poster related graphics.

Combining the efforts of our in-house staff and design consultants has allowed us to produce signage for a wide variety of uses including but not limited to:

  • Business signs
  • Point of sale materials
  • Community signs
  • Sandwich signs
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Exterior Commercial Signage
  • Interior Commercial Signage
  • Directional Signage
  • Equipment identification
  • Industrial operational signage
  • Lawn signage
  • Banners
  • Murals
  • Real estate signage
  • Development signage
  • Election signage

Once design is accomplished, your sign is either expertly screen printed or digitally produced on a variety of different substrates.

Please visit the gallery for a selection of previous projects.