Community Signs

Community – Temporary Signs on Public or City Property

For years, community related organizations as well as public notice groups have relied on the tremendous results accomplished by the use of Bold’s temporary signs. ┬áCommunity organizations use temporary signs to advertise various sports registrations, bottle drives, bake sales, day care, annual general meetings and other community events. ┬áCity of Calgary officials, the Federal and Provincial Government and their associated groups often make use of temporary signs to post public notice information, such as roadway interruptions, school closures and a multitude of other ongoing activities of public concern.

The basic guidelines for use of Temporary Signs on City of Calgary Property are as follows:

  • The sign can be up to 3.0 square meters in face size
  • The sign can be up for a period no longer than 14 days
  • A permit (which Bold Signs will obtain) is required from The City of Calgary Roads/Traffic Operations
  • The messaging content of the sign must be clearly community or publicly oriented and non profit

Please contact us; we’ll do all the work for you, including obtaining the permit, all within the normal rental fees.

To maximize exposure of your sign, please click on the City of Calgary Map to view locations available in your community and the rest of the City of Calgary.